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Solid Edge CAM Pro

Solid Edge manufacturing solutions help manufacturers define and implement a wide range of traditional and new manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, nesting, cutting, bending, casting, welding, assembly and additive manufacturing. These software solutions work directly on your Solid Edge models for parts, sheet metal and assembly to ensure accurate and efficient manufacturing processes. Fabrication instructions created with these solutions can be easily updated to reflect any changes to the underlying design.


2.5-axis milling
Roughing, resurfacing, flattening, z-level finishing, and hole making methods, including manual positioning and function-based automation.

3-axis milling
Extensive high-speed fixed-axis capabilities for complex surface milling, including grid, offset, adaptive free-running and interpolated patterns, with steep/non-steep slope recognition, valley support milling and facet milling.

5-axis milling
Extensive possibilities for simultaneous multi-axis milling of complex surfaces, with both automatic and manual methods, multiple drive options and a wide variety of tool axis control.

Full range of toolpaths for turning, including teach-mode and other manual methods for fine control.

Feature-Based Machining

Create and modify rule-driven automation processes and feature geometry definitions in the Machining Knowledge Editor. Feature-based machining allows the built-in feature recognition engine to analyse prismatic shapes and quickly create NC strategies to edit those shapes - all automatically. Programming becomes a piece of cake!

NC Simulation

Machine code driven simulation
The simulation is controlled by the output of the post-processor, so that all the movement of the final programme is available for checking.

Simultaneous display
Simultaneously view material removal with a live toolpath in the context of a full machining simulation, with dynamic pan and zoom of the image.

Collision detection
The system checks for actual or near collisions between the workpiece, the workpiece in process, the tools and fixtures and the machine tool structure.

Additive Manufacturing

Solid Edge allows you to take full advantage of additive manufacturing, whether you are creating individual prototypes or larger volume parts. Our tools support your end-to-end workflow, from design-for-manufacture using additive techniques, to preparing and executing your designs to 3D printing hardware and services.

It supports the export of your models to 3D Printers using the 3D Print command. Export them as .stl and .3MF formats, or send your models directly to the Microsoft 3D Builder app. This allows you to print in-house with automated print preparation, including the ability to print in colour.

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