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Solid Edge Electrical

Electricians design a schematic that is sent to the Solid Edge 3D CAD environment. Wiring harness information, such as wires, connectors, terminals, are transferred and accessible in the Solid Edge 3D CAD environment with a simple click. Designers are working on the mechanical aspects of their design without worrying about changing the associated wiring harness information. The information flows between the electrical and mechanical worlds. Because of that, there is a quick and easy collaboration.

Electrical Routing

Add cables and wiring to your mechanical design in a quick and easy way. Connect the different terminals with the help of intelligent tools. Generate BOM lists of all components, mechanical and electronic, such as cables, wires and connectors.

Wiring Design

Solid Edge Wiring Design tools providing fast and intuitive electrical circuit design by using industry-proven tools, they simulate and verify electrical behaviour if the design is created. The graphical design environment creates wiring diagrams through an intuitive user interface and built-in intelligent libraries of electrical symbols and components. More than 10,000 popular industrial pieces support the automatic selection of parts, terminal plugs and fuses for each connector.

The simulation alerts you to problems such as short circuits, voltage drops, melting and incorrect cable choices while you are designing. Using one central intelligent library, your electrical schematic can also be linked to your 3D design in Solid Edge. This way your team forms one closed chain and the chance of errors is drastically reduced.

Harness Design

Solid Edge Harness Design includes includes built-in intelligent libraries for components and symbols to control the automatic selection of terminals, seals and wires. A powerful part selector configures and selects clamps, seals, and wires for each connector. Connector face views and tables are making it easy for designers to determine how wires should be connected. 

You can design cable bundles in a stand-alone mode, or they can be derived from the wiring provided by Solid Edge Wiring Design. Once a bundle is completed, powerful reporting capabilities help generate documentation needed for production, including bills of materials and cable lengths.

PCB Design

Solid Edge PCB Design software automates PCB design in such a way that even those new PCB designs can design the electronics required for their products.

Real-time collaboration between ECAD & MCAD design teams allows electromechanical design challenges to be overcome earlier in the design cycle.

Solid Edge Electrical Design

Wiring & Harness Design + PCB Design

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