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NX for manufacturing

Take the step towards efficient end-to-end part manufacturing and deliver high precision parts by digitising. Program CNC machine tools, control robotic cells, manage 3D printers and monitor quality with one software platform. Digitalise your manufacturing business to increase productivity and improve profitability.


Program any job with one software. NX CAM offers comprehensive and integrated NC programming capabilities in one system. Based on a consistent 3D model, streamline all your related information into one digital process.
Automate NC programming, while reducing cycle time, using powerful, application-specific tools. From 2.5-axis machining and forming to simultaneous milling and high-volume production, use your CAM software to create faster, better parts.

Feature Based Machining

Automate CNC programming with NX Feature Based Machining and reduce programming effort and time. With this technology, Siemens NX can self-detect which machining processes are needed to produce your part according to its geometry and tolerances.

NC Simulation

Verify your programming so you can produce your workpiece with confidence with built-in NC code simulation. In addition to toolpath simulation and verification, Siemens NX also offers NC Simulation, where a generated NC code can be visualised using NC Machine Simulation. With Machine Tool Simulation, the NC code is processed as input and shown how it will be produced in reality.

NX Robotics

Program Robots to generate toolpaths that require a very precise approach. Combine these toolpaths with traditional Pick-and-Place operations to reduce production time.


Discover how Additive Manufacturing can speed up your processes by adding materials through 3D printing. Or work completely hybrid by combining additive and subtractive work on different materials. Directly control your machines for both planar AM and multi-axis AM capabilities.

ADOPT id PLM & Germond: official partners

Founded in 1989, Germond is today the largest supplier of CNC machining and conventional metalworking machinery in Belgium. High-end CNC machine manufacturers such as Doosan , Brother , Ibarmia and Nicolas Correa have been their exclusive partners for years.

In combination with ADOPT id PLM's years of experience in CAD, CAM and PDM solutions, this collaboration is an absolute asset for companies in the manufacturing/metalworking industry.

When purchasing a new machine, they now have the option of also purchasing a Siemens NX license. Through this close cooperation we are also able to offer our customers an optimal machine simulation and post processor operation.

NX for Manufacturing

NX Postprocessors with NC Machine Simulation Model

Looking for a quality Postprocessor for NX

Contact us now for a quote.

You can contact us for more information about our development and approach of a qualitative NX postprocessor according to your specifications and our best-practices.
A qualitative postprocessor is not only indispensable for the translation of your CAM program to NC code but also has a great influence on the calculation times and the optimal operation of your machine. In addition, with NX you can also run simulation on NC code to get a full Digital Twin. Also with this we can help you.

How can we help you?

Contact us or make a request via our quick quotation. We can work together with you to find a solution or implement your engineering & manufacturing issues.

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