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Reliable CAM software and simulation capabilities

Pedeo located in Oudenaarde is a specialist in the development and production of high-pressure casting parts in aluminium and zinc alloys. We talked to Steven Sansen, process engineer at Pedeo.

Pedeo is a family business and is known for offering the best in total: product quality, delivery reliability and service. The products or parts they make are very varied: from car exhausts to the housing of a digital crypto wallet. (Find out more at https://www.ngrave.io/)

Pedeo needs CAM software to control the CNC machines. They have been using this software for almost three years now. "The CAM software is used, among other things, to carry out simulations. This enables us to minimise errors in the design phase, and the test phase is much shorter", says Steven. The software makes it possible to check perfectly if the machining is being carried out properly, if there are no collisions with the machine and if the tools are set up correctly.

"Software is an empty box. Without installation help, training and support, you cannot successfully master it. ADOPT id PLM is the partner who is helping to support that."

Steven Sansen

Before the introduction of NX, all of this was tested manually, which meant that they were quickly spending an extra 2-3 days on testing. "We immediately preferred the Siemens NX software. The machine simulation possibilities are very wide, you can import external files and the software also takes into account the machine configuration and corresponding fixtures. The simulation has to be reliable, and NX certainly does that. At Pedeo, this factor is particularly important because they work with fast, compact machines, which often makes it difficult to predict where errors will arise. Additionally, they can handle many more complex projects since the introduction of NX. 

Steven followed a training course at ADOPT id PLM to master Siemens NX. He has many other tasks within Pedeo, so working with the CAM software is not his daily routine. That is why he finds it extra important to contact ADOPT id PLM at any time with any question.

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