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Teamcenter ensures that all CAD data is translated into a common format so that all design changes across your enterprise are clear and can be used efficiently. No matter how much data is in any CAD system you use. Teamcenter centralises engineering processes and design management.

In addition to CAD data, Teamcenter is also used to manage all your relevant project data. These include MS Office documents, electrical schematics, PCB designs, project management...

Matching different areas

Teamcenter Foundation

Starting with Teamcenter means that you can immediately take advantage of the TC Foundation capabilities. Parts list management, document management & process and workflows are now housed in an intelligent database system from which you as a company can immediately reap the benefits.
Everyone within an organization can see the right data at the right time for him/her. Depending on the user-rights, it can also be determined who can and cannot see certain information, so engineering data that is still under development is nicely shielded from the production floor. Teamcenter also provides a clear revision management over which you have control.
The parts lists of your products can be intelligently configured so that the impact of changes becomes clear at various levels. The management of your project-related data such as spreadsheets, product data sheets, slideshows, digital assets, etc. is also intelligently managed in Teamcenter. are intelligently managed in Teamcenter.

All this information you can find in Teamcenter is accessible through the browser of your smartphone, tablet or PC. Users don't have to install anything locally to consult all the data safely. Through our powerful visualization capabilities, it is also no longer necessary to start exchanging 3D files & 2D drawings via email or others.

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Growing step by step


Teamcenter is a flexible platform that adapts to your needs. For example, you can incrementally grow your PDM environment with your business into a PLM environment.

Adding suppliers and/or customers is always possible, regardless of whether they use Teamcenter themselves or not. The cost of your product and all other components can be easily controlled. A connection between your ERP system and Teamcenter can ensure that you exchange essential data, and it can automate many tasks that previously had to be done manually. 
Variant management, Manufacturing & ShopFloor connect, product configuration, Simulation data & results, ECAD integration, requirements management & quality management are just some of the areas in which Teamcenter can support your organization's needs.

Teamcenter integrations


Teamcenter is developed by Siemens Digital Industries Software. Throughout all of Siemens DISW's activities, software openness is held in high esteem. With Teamcenter, it's no different. The seamless integrations with 3rd party software solutions such as SolidWorks, Creo, Catia, Inventor, AutoCAD, Altium, ... are proof of this. This ensures that companies can stay in control of their tools & processes without imposing changes. 
In addition, the development of the JT format, which has long been a de facto standard when it comes to an open format for sharing and visualizing 3D data between different PLM systems, also provided this recognition since it is an ISO standard and supported by many other CAD systems.

Instant-on Cloud PLM

On-premise, Cloud of SaaS

Our flexibility to get started with Teamcenter is unprecedented. In addition to a traditional on-premises installation, where you provide the necessary hardware & software yourself, you can also decide to install Teamcenter on your private cloud environment.

To make things completely easy for you, there is now Teamcenter X, Teamcenter's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. With this, you get the same functionality & environment you know from Teamcenter and the best part is that Siemens manages Teamcenter X for you, so we do the heavy lifting while you can continue to focus on your business. 

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Teamcenter: A Modern Cloud Platform with Best Practices Built in

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