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Solid Edge

Solid Edge is a 3D CAD software that supports you in the entire design process. It has an extensive portfolio of software that offers a solution in every trade. It also uses Synchronous Technology, a patented technology that allows you to quickly and easily modify imported files. Siemens also owns the Parasolid kernel used in Solid Edge which allows them to go further than other 3D CAD software.

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Mechanical design

Solid Edge makes it possible to quickly and efficiently start designing your ideas in 3D. With engineering reference intelligence, you can design technical parts such as gears, cams, springs and beams in no time.

Modeling of complex stylized shapes is possible through Subdivision Modeling functionality. In addition, Solid Edge offers many more features.

Are you considering a switch to Solid Edge?
The included Solid Edge Data Migration tools offer a solution to transfer your legacy data from SolidWorks, Inventor & PTC Creo to Solid Edge.

Sheet metal & Frames

Create your sheet metal work in a simple way thanks to the many functions inside Solid Edge. An unfolding becomes child's play and moreover with enough functions to unfold it exactly according to the parameters of your machinery. The common export functions to DXF & DWG are of course also standard within Solid Edge. Nesting of all your sheet metal from different projects can also be done with the Solid Edge 2D nesting software, this intelligent algorithm ensures that your residual material is reduced to a minimum.

Metal profile structures (frames) can be quickly created in the Frame Design environment, giving you complete freedom to define the shape & connections as desired. There is also the possibility to use a Machinery Library to quickly create standard parts.


Optimise and validate your designs digitally with the simulation capabilities of Solid Edge. Simulate strength calculations, heat transfer, and much more...

Do you want to perform more complex simulations? Have a look at FloEFD en Simcenter.


Solid Edge has the ability to create realistic renders using KeyShot. This software is installed with Solid Edge and allows you to transfer models directly from Solid Edge to KeyShot. KeyShot is the fastest and most easy way to use 3D rendering and animation software. In only a few steps you can create amazing visuals from your 3D models.

Technical drawings

Create easily 2D drawings in Solid Edge by using View Wizard which automatically places your views. You can easily place dimensions or add pointers. Import DXF or DWG drawings directly into Solid Edge and customize them to your needs. Your production drawings will never have looked so good & clear!

Learn Solid Edge now

Become a real Solid Edge expert

Through training courses of certified Siemens Solid Edge trainers you can learn Solid Edge without any knowledge. Or maybe you have worked with Solid Edge for some time and you want to sharpen certain skills, then we can help you with this too.

Starting from €130/month!

Rent Solid Edge now

Solid Edge is available from €117 per month for a 12 month subscription and from €156 for 1 month. There's a solution for everyone!
Ordering can be done quickly & safely via the webshop by credit card or PayPal. Afterwards you will receive the invoice for your administration.

Obtaining professional CAD software has never been so easy and affordable!
During your lease, you also get access to the support helpdesk of ADOPT id and the Support Center of Siemens. You also get access to Teamcenter Share with 500GB of cloud storage space!

Licenses that you rent through the webshop are node-locked. To rent a floating (network) license, please contact ADOPT id directly.

Discuss your project or ask one of our experts.

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