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Mechanical Engineering and Automation

  • Multi-disciplinary design:
    • building the most comprehensive digital twin
    • including mechanical, electrical, and software into a single collaborative tool and environment
  • Virtual machine simulation
    • machine behavior and functionality is driven by software
    • we can simulate the complete machine operation in all scenarios by closing the loop between PLC code, HMI interaction, and the physical machine reactions.
  • Multi-disciplinary Configuration management
    • mass customization means that every machine is likely unique, driven by customer requirements.Regardless of whether you are building more standardized machines and employ CTO practices or have 80-90% unique design, you need to create and manage the serial number specific bill of material, tracing the digital twin from creation through manufacturing into service life in a single digital reality.

Multi-disciplinary design

The use of a digital twin provides a correct validation of your machine and the process to create this machine. From the start of the first concept to the creation of the pieces and the life cycle of your machine in the field, we can assist you in this together with Siemens.

Virtual commissioning

Tight deadlines must be respected during the development of a machine. However, the increasing complexity of systems puts pressure on all parties involved. This is why information must be transferred from one team to another as quickly & efficiently as possible, resulting in a smooth delivery of the project.

By controlling machine behaviour and functional tests from the design environment, this whole process can proceed smoothly. We simulate the full operation of a machine by closing the loop between PLC code, HMI interaction, machine sensors, actuators, motors, kinematics and much more. On top of that, this can work perfectly with your current engineering tools and hardware standards, due to the openness of our solutions.

Multi-disciplinary configuration possibilities

Mass customization means that every machine is unique, driven by specific customer requirements. No matter whether you build somewhat standard, Configure-to-order or Engineer-to-order machines, you always need parts list management, production parts lists, machine specific parts lists with serial numbers. The objective is to provide optimum support for traceability and after-service. To achieve this, data can be managed in one central system so that all departments such as engineering, sales, marketing, production etc. always have access to the right information at the right time.

4 important trends in mechanical engineering


Machine engineering is highly complex and dynamic. Digitalisation and increasing software integrations in this sector have completely changed the way industrial machines are designed, simulated and manufactured.

To help you navigate through this complex landscape, we've created an e-book that gives you a concise overview of the most remarkable trends influencing the future of the machine engineering industry. And we explain how Siemens Advanced Machine Engineering can provide the information and solutions you need to prepare for this challenging future in mechanical engineering.

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