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Moulds and tools

For the mold and tool sector, we offer a comprehensive set of fully integrated tools for part manufacturing ranging from CAD/CAM, Robotics, CNC machining and CMM inspection to 3D printing.

Global competition

Today, tooling providers, small and large, are under tremendous pressure to improve the profitability of their existing operations, while also making time to attract new projects for additional revenue. There are some resources available to help with this, such as: 

- use of a digital twin for rapid validation
- integrated CAD/CAM/CAE solution that supports the entire development process
- working flexibly with different formats
- receiving customers and suppliers through early validations
- avoid late adjustments
- last-minute design changes can be implemented quickly & flexibly throughout your chain

Increasing complexity

In product design, an increasing amount of attention is paid to design and aesthetics. This results in complex shapes with high quality requirements for tools and the products. Last-minute design changes often appear during the product development process as a result. By using a master-model architecture as a supplier, you can easily implement customer changes, even last-minute. The need for tools to validate producibility early in the process with your customer has also become indispensable. Dealing with complex surfaces on supplied data is another serious challenge. The ultimate generation of tool paths on the CNC machine determines the quality of the work delivered. 
In order to meet all these requirements, there is a need for a high-quality platform that is stable and performs well and offers sufficient tools for the simplest and most complex jobs.

New technology

More complex products also require the use of new innovative technologies such as additive manufacturing and multi-axis machines to make the manufacturing process more efficient. Additive techniques can also be used to discover completely new cooling possibilities that improve the quality of the product. However, this requires a structured approach in which different disciplines and their respective data can be managed in one central system.

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